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Tina Prentiss, LMHCA

Are you feeling anxious, angry, upset because of a change you don't seem to have a choice in? Change and life transitions can turn your life upside down. People tell you to get over it, but it's not that easy. Sleepless nights. Feelings of insecurity. Self-doubt. A nagging sense of not being good enough. My experienced, collaborative approach provides unconditional attention and compassion to help you bring peace and insight to your healing journey. With clinical training in behavioral therapy  from Antioch University Seattle specializing in loss, grief, anxiety, depression, and trauma I continue to train in the latest advances at my Silverdale office.

I believe therapy should be a safe, trusting place to explore undiscovered parts of ourselves, or parts that are wounded and in pain. My goal is to provide such a place for you. Together, you and I will work collaboratively to guide your healing journey. Click my website link to learn more.

Choosing a therapist you can really connect with and trust is important. To give you a sense of me, my perspective and training - and our match to work together, I invite you to email or call me for a free, no obligation consultation.