I was drawn to naturopathic medicine because I felt there had to be a safe, gentle way to address illness and disease.  This feeling was heightened when my daughter was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 5.  She was given several prescription drugs with numerous side effects, one of them being drowsiness.  She was almost held back in kindergarten because she couldn’t stay awake!  I chose to keep only the emergency medications on hand and began strengthening her immune system through diet and exercise as well as acupuncture and natural medicine.  She regained her health and played sports throughout the school year her entire childhood.

After 20 years in the insurance industry, I returned to college for my bachelors of science in nutrition from East Carolina University and my doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University. 
When we do have an illness, there are safe, natural treatments that have been used for centuries to restore health. Lobo Natural Medicine is a practice in partnership with the patient. With positive, compassion for each person, my relationship with people helps facilitate changes that can profoundly improve one’s health status as well as their outlook on life.
I treat the whole person using the combination of cranialsacral, homeopathy, supplements, nutritional therapy and hypnotherapy.
Craniosacral therapy is a gentle hands on therapy that works on the nervous system to restore proper neural function throughout the body. 
​The results are:
·    an increase in mobility in stiff joints,
·    decreased pain,
·    greater mental clarity and focus,
·    decreased anxiety
Personally, I am passionate about cooking and dining at small independent restaurants. Growing up, I was the sibling that was always in the kitchen learning the Latin spice combinations my mother used. Food adventures have led to a love of travel.  My husband and I travel often to enjoy the local cuisine and yes, warm water beaches! As well as outdoor activities include kayaking, biking, tent camping, and hiking. 
Being a Seattle native has given me a sense of passion and courage to believe dreams are meant to be fulfilled.  Seattle is a vibrant city that supports community as well as individuality.   I would like to support your over health throughout your life so that you too can live well and fulfill your dreams in this lifetime.

Linda Alva-Crofoot, ND

(888) 868-6952