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Kelly sees how pain affects people in all areas of their life. Kelly has merged adventure, learning, and health in one place, Pure Rain Spa.  Kelly can help you reach your goals!

Kelly has clinical massage training and understands ways to break the body's pain cycle and help reduce stress.  Kelly will listen to your body and a wide range of modalities to take you to another level of health.

As a swimmer and coach, Kelly has experienced and witnessed healing cycles.  Performance and training can lead to pain and inflammation but massage and the right nutritional curve can help you feel like an optimal athlete. Reach out to Kelly now!

A lifestyle of swimming and traveling opened Kelly's eyes to the importance of healthy skin. Now Kelly is able to offer esthetic skin care services and education to all her clients.

Looking for a Healer? Schedule an appointment with Kelly Howell and start your pathway to health, now. Dive in, health first!

Kelly Howell